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Road to 5G: SON & End-to-End Road to 5G IEEE ComSoc - Tuesday, 17 May 2017 

This half-day course provides an understanding of self-organizing networks and automation roadmap, and the end-to-end road to 5G. In this context, the self-organizing network (SON) mechanisms are introduced and their roles and roadmap towards and in the next-generation architecture are outlined. A characterization of 5G and positioning for the needs of the next decade is provided, along with details on enabling technologies such as virtualization, softwariziation, cloudification, orchestration, network densification, new radio and next-generation network architecture, mmWave, analytics, automation, and others. This includes a discussion on technologies, roadmap, how they fit together, and how they provide an end-to-end intelligent, flexible, efficient, dynamic and autonomous enabling environment. Furthermore, requirements and design principles, challenges, gaps and realities, global initiatives and standardization, are outlined.

IEEE 5G Tech Focus - March 2017 

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High Performance Triple Play by Professor Hua Wang's Team

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IEEE5G 234x140 Podcast1

IEEE 5G Transmissions: Podcasts with the Experts
What Challenges Do You Foresee that Could Affect Deployment of 5G? 

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How 5G on Wearables will Make the Smartphone Era Look Like a Warm-up 

5G is not just about speed. It may seem like just a logical step on from current 4G networks, but 5G promises an entirely new epoch in mobile connectivity. For wearables, it's about being untethered and unlimited; think built-in 5G radios capable of a download rate of 20gbps, and upload of 10gbps. That's about 100 times faster than 4G. Yeah, now you see why it's a big deal.

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Jagadish Bose frequency holds key to 5G tech 

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5G The New Wireless Frontier: Special Report on 5G by The Institute

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VW EVs will debut 5G connectivity services 

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SDN poised to play major role in 5G networks 

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Technology Spotlight

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Facebook Aims to Remake Telecom with Millimeter Waves and Tether-tennas 

A world of millimeter-wave networks, laid out by computer, crisscrossing cities and into the stratosphere, where cell phone towers can be easily replaced by tethered autonomous copters—that’s the telecommunications infrastructure of the future. So says Facebook’s Yael Maguire, head of the company’s Connectivity Lab.

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Timeline: The Evolution of 5G

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The 5G Frontier: Millimeter Wireless 

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New Terahertz Transmitter Shines with Ultrafast Data Speeds

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Challenges of Network Slicing

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Understanding Network Slicing, a Key Technology for 5G

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