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Complimentary Tutorial - Hands-on 5G: From Theory to Practice   

Our primary aim with this tutorial is to provide attendees with hands-on exposure to concepts and enabling technologies that will form part of the expected 5G evolution. Towards this end we will introduce attendees to core mobile networking concepts in both 4G and 5G, as well as enabling technologies in the form of software-defined-networking (SDN), network-function-virtualization (NFV) and software-defined-radio (SDR). We will do this by combining lecturing with strong hands-on components, thus not only providing attendees with a deep understanding of the topics, but bootstrapping them with the tools to enable practical research in this domain.

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Feature Article


SDN poised to play major role in 5G networks 

Fifth generation, or 5G, networks promise increased wireless capacity and speed wtih reduced latency. SDN architecture can help improve performance and scalability.

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Technology Spotlight


Understanding Network Slicing, a Key Technology for 5G

5G network slicing will allow operations to split a single physical network into multiple virtual networks.

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