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Q&A with Doug Zuckerman, General Chair of IEEE Technology Time Machine 2016

Q&A with Doug Zuckerman, General Chair of IEEE Technology Time Machine 2016

IEEE Life Fellow Doug Zuckerman chairs the IEEE Future Directions’ flagship Technology Time Machine conference this year in San Diego, on 20-21 October 2016, hosted by IEEE Region 6. In this Q&A, he provides insights into the conference’s purpose, program and value propositions.

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Towards 5G Software-Defined Ecosystems

Techno-economic drivers are creating the conditions for a radical change of paradigm in the design and operation of future telecommunications infrastructures. In fact, SDN, NFV, Cloud and Edge-Fog Computing are converging together into a single systemic transformation termed “Softwarization” that will find concrete exploitations in 5G systems. The IEEE SDN Initiative has elaborated a vision, an evolutionary path and some techno-economic scenarios of this transformation: specifically, the major technical challenges, business sustainability and policy issues have been investigated.

Download the IEEE SDN white paper here

Technology Spotlight


Power Amplifiers for 5G Made of Gallium Nitride

The wireless data transmission via mobile communication is reliable and affordable. However, data volume per user is rising exponentially. Causes are not only the continuously growing number of smartphones, but also trends as car-to-car (C2C) or machine-to-machine (M2M) communication – cars and machines need to communicate in high speed with each other. From 2020 the 5G mobile standard is aiming to transmit data rapidly and energy-efficiently. For that purpose Fraunhofer is developing new power amplifiers based on the semiconductor gallium nitride.

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