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Tech Insider Webinar: RF Measurement Challenges for Emerging 5G and Millimeter Wave Devices 

 Wednesday, May 31, 2017 

This webinar will provide a background introduction to the implications of the 5G new radio and touch on each of these topics illustrating their impact and offering potential solutions to some of the problems outlined.

Access the webinar at IEEE Spectrum.

IEEE 5G Tech Focus - March 2017 

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High Performance Triple Play by Professor Hua Wang's Team

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IEEE5G 234x140 Podcast1

IEEE 5G Transmissions: Podcasts with the Experts

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Feature Article

How 5G Could Bring Internet Access to Remote Areas 

Many of today’s telecommunications companies are working to bring faster Internet connections to urban and other high-density areas by using smaller cells with ranges of 10 to 100 meters. But those service providers aren’t doing much to provide access for the 3 billion people who live in rural areas hundreds of kilometers from a base station.

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How 5G on Wearables will Make the Smartphone Era Look Like a Warm-up 

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Jagadish Bose frequency holds key to 5G tech 

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5G The New Wireless Frontier: Special Report on 5G by The Institute

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VW EVs will debut 5G connectivity services 

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SDN poised to play major role in 5G networks 

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Technology Spotlight

Collaboration is Critical for 5G Network Slicing 

The 5G vision is to support a wide variety of services, with diverse performance requirements, across many different industries. As we've argued consistently on these pages, the ability to support diverse services on one network platform is a powerful idea, with compelling commercial opportunities. It is also very ambitious.

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Facebook Aims to Remake Telecom with Millimeter Waves and Tether-tennas 

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Timeline: The Evolution of 5G

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The 5G Frontier: Millimeter Wireless 

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New Terahertz Transmitter Shines with Ultrafast Data Speeds

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Challenges of Network Slicing

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Understanding Network Slicing, a Key Technology for 5G

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