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IEEE 5G World Forum
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IEEE 5G Initiative Special Issue in
Vehicular Technology Magazine
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IEEE 5G Initiative Special Issue in
IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology
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IEEE 5G World Forum 2018 (5GWF'18) 
9-11 July 2018 
Santa Clara, California, USA 

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IEEE 5G Webinar Series Live Event: 
5G Drives Major Paradigm Shifts for Power

Presenter: Brian Zahnstecher, Principal, PowerRox
Date: February 21st, 2018 
Time: 11:00am EDT/ 10:00am CDT
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IEEE 5G Webinar Series On Demand: 
5G Technology is Fantastic, But Can We Afford It?
Presenter: Professor William Webb, CEO Webb Search 
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Feature Article

IEEE Releases Details About Its 5G and Beyond Roadmap 

There’s been a lot of news media coverage in recent weeks about 5G. During a panel discussion held at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show, telecom representatives talked about how the next generation wireless will enable the future. They predicted that 5G devices will be available by 2020.

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Connected Cars, Yes. Driverless? Not So Fast 

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Ultra-fast 5G wireless service declared national security priority by White House

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IEEE 5G Tech Focus: December Issue 

The December issue of IEEE 5G Tech Focus is dedicated to regional updates on 5G standardization and research efforts in China and across Europe. 


Invisible Connections will Unveil our 5G Future 

At Signal Microwave, simulation is being used to design specialized connectors for high-speed RF applications. 

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Will Wireless Connections Between Autonomous Vehicles Make Them Safer? 

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How 5G Could Bring Internet Access to Remote Areas 

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5G The New Wireless Frontier: Special Report on 5G by The Institute

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Technology Spotlight

A Beam-Steering Antenna for 5G Mobile Phones 

The final architecture of 5G cellular networks has yet to be carved in stone. However, it looks as though millimeter waves, with their ability to obtain wider bandwidths, will play an important role in 5G—the next generation of mobile phones. The combination of these bands along with directional phased-array antennas, in which radio waves can be steered electronically in a desired direction, will constitute one of the key technologies in future 5G cellular systems.

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CES 2018: 5G News and Nuggets 

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IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine

IEEE 5G Initiative Special Issue on 5G Technologies and Applications
December 2017 

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Rutgers WINLAB ORBIT Testbed
Now Available for Use by the IEEE 5G Community 

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IEEE Microwave Magazine
Challenges for 5G - The Future of Wireless Communications 

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Facebook Aims to Remake Telecom with Millimeter Waves and Tether-tennas 

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The 5G Frontier: Millimeter Wireless 

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